About Us

About Us

Blackhorse Tobacco  Limited

Black Horse Tobacco Ltd is a duly registered Company in Nigeria with RC: No 938659. The company launched operations in February, 2011 and its corporate office is located at Plot 26A/26B Sharada Industrial Estate Phase I, Kano. In today’s fast driven world by technological advancement and the need for society’s development to be at par with acceptable global trend, we are positioned as a company with a mindset to providing high quality services that will eventually better the lives of all stakeholders in the socio-political economy of Nigeria.
The company’s products range from Esse Compact Black Cigarettes, Pine Menthol Cigarette, Pine Classic Cigarette, Esse Compact Silver Cigarette, Esse Special Cigarette, Radford Snuff Tobacco, Esse Edge Menthol Cigarette and Pine Blue Cigarette.
Our distribution network cuts across Nigeria’s geo-political zones viz: North-East, North Central, North-West, South-East, South-South and the South-West respectively.


To promote a high quality,
transparent and insightful service delivery that exceeds the expectation of our customers.


To deploy the best resource
persons and modern working tools towards the achievement of every assignment we engage in with a view to give total value to our clients while maintaining sustainable standards.

Our Philosophy


We trust, respect and support each other and we strive to earn the trust of our customers and partners.


We have an unwavering commitment to being a good partner focused on building productive, collaborative and beneficial relationships with our customers.

Health and Safety

Our operations are carried out with full cognizance of health and safety requirements. Thus, a continued training program and assessment is always maintained.

Our Values

About Our Suppliers


KT&G Corporation is the new name for the former Korean Government-controlled Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation. The company was incorporated and privatized in 2002, thereby going into a joint venture with Celltrion Biotech. Since its privatization, the company has focused on defending its nearly 80% market share at home and
stepping up its cigarette export sales. Thus, the company is globally rated as one of the largest tobacco companies. Their products include Esse Black, Edge Menthol, Pine Classic, Pine Menthol, Cloud 9, Bohem Grip and Bohem Mini respectively.

Poschl Tabak

Poschl Tabak Group is over 113 years old and its existence has descended four generations of entrepreneurs with highly motivated employees and has shaped the business as a result of their skills, dedication and creativity.
Poschl Tabak Group are the producers of Radford Snuff and Tobacco among other products. The company has developed a unique trademark for product differentiation, and this has made them stand out from other similar product
manufacturers. Thus, the Poschl Tabak origin is made recognizable on the packaging of the brand name with a ‘P’ in the octagon that further improved its marketshare.

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